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Design Tips and Trends for Fall 2010
Originally published in the Home Renovation Guide Newsletter October 2010
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Design Tips and Trends for Fall 2010
Originally published in the Home Renovation Guide Newsletter October 2010
by Tobi Brockway, Accredited Interior Decorator

Fall is my favourite season: crisp, cool weather perfect for long walks, trees embellished with red, orange, and yellow leaves (the warm colours on the colour spectrum) and celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween before the winter season begins.

Fall offers us the opportunity to bring those beautiful warm colours into our homes. We can capture the spirit of the season with a few easy touches. Flower arrangements of chrysanthemums, asters, and daisies -- burgundy, gold, burnt orange, scarlet -- all the colours of the autumn palette. Table centrepieces decorated with pumpkins, squash and fall leaves. A fall wreath hung on your front door. Add a throw -- in luxurious chenille or velvet -- and a couple of red cushions on your sofa, light some cinnamon-scented candle, and your home will feel cosy and welcoming. Perfect for entertaining family and friends -- a haven from the increasingly cold nights.

What are the design trends that we're seeing for the fall? Gray continues to be the "new beige" in wall colour. This neutral tone doesn't have to be cold. Look for warm grays infused with taupe, a perfect backdrop for brightly coloured artwork and accessories.

Wallcoverings remain an important component of decorating -- add some pizzazz to a room with one focal wall covered in a beautiful damask wallpaper. This is becoming more and more popular for bedrooms where wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop to an upholstered or wood headboard. Powder bathrooms are an excellent room to experiment with more exotic wallpapers. Patterns, variegated textures and metallic sparkle are all available in today's wallcoverings.

There is a movement towards furniture that's eco-friendly, Canadian-made and natural -- solid, reliable and high quality furniture that will last generations instead of ending up as landfill. Reclaimed wood mixed with metal for a modern rustic look as well as the juxtaposition of wood and glass in contemporary décor. Instead of rushing out to replace sofas and chairs, investigate reupholstering with new fabrics as a way to extend the life of your furniture.

Natural textiles are gaining more favour among designers -- velvet, silk, linen, and even wool are available in beautiful colours and designs. These fabrics continue to be popular for tailored window treatments and upholstered furniture. These are augmented by metallic embellishments that add glamour to room décor, another trend that continues into next year.

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